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space design

I worked at the space design company when I was in Japan.
I planned and designed interior for public space- museums, theme parks, e.t.c.
here are some pics- more to come.

life size diorama of ecosystem in domestic forests of Miyazaki for 'the Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Science' (Miyazaki, Japan)

life size diorama of 1950's common house in Miyazaki for 'the Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of History' (miyazaki, Japan)

'magic vision'(yes, they call it magic)-- (1/10 diorama + 3D movie)

look picture below---it's difficult to tell but there's a white ghost like person inside of the diorama, which is live action footage projected in the diorama. Kodaira Sewage Museum(Tokyo)

actually, there are lots of stories to tell about this unique museum. you know , it's a museum of Sewage! the building is consisted of 7 floors---2 floors above the ground and 5 floors under the ground. and at the very bottom floor, there is a deck where you can go inside the actual sewer--which is HUGE, about 70 feet in diameter. you can see the actual very dirty water is running....
ok, first of all, who wants to see and breath the air inside the sewer? good question. I don't know. but to be honest, it was quite an exciting experience to enter the hidden underground world...

diorama (1/10 miniature) of the bathing scene for 'the Tokyo Gas Museum'(Tokyo,Japan)

family album...for 'the Tokyo Gas Museum' (Tokyo,Japan)


I drew a hundred of blueprints while I worked at the space design company in Japan. I designed all kinds of objects inside of the museums and theme parks, so most of the blueprints were drawn by hands on the tracing papers- no digital tools! :-)
Here are some copies.

for Shinagawa Histrical Museum(Tokyo,japan)
for Edo Tokyo Garden Museum(Tokyo, japan)
for Miyazaki Prefecture Museum of Nature and History(Miyazaki,Japan)


Sometimes I made maquettes of prototypes of the objects---characters, mascots, models, whatever placed in museums or theme parks.
below was for the theme park "Hyonosen Shizen Hureai Park"(Tottori, japan), which was featuring northern European fairies and elves folklore.

crazy Japanese model makers craftsmanship...

you know there are many miniature models and dioramas in the museums of nature/history to explain something. I drew many blueprints of them too, and I was always amazed by fine detailed work of Japanese model craftsmen who made them into real 3D. below is the 1/10 miniature model of 1960's corporate apartment for "Tokyo Gas Museum".

click the picture to enlarge and look how crazy detailed they made... seriously, they are insane!

these are 1/10 miniature model for the Asaka City Historical Museum(Tokyo).